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Are your customers searching for you but finding your competition?  Is your beautiful website a billboard in the desert? Do you want more traffic to your business?


There is a give and take on the web that influences how your customers find you. 


How Does it work?

SEO helps people find your content, while content helps drive traffic to your site. They need each other to get the best results.  Together your rankings will improve.


When a word or phrase is entered into a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you'll see a list of websites pop up it thinks might be of interest to you. The advertisers appear first, then local searches, and then news. There are many factors going on in the background of a search that drive those results that show up on your screen.  

The rules are changing daily. Are you wondering how you can keep up? We work with a range of strategies to get your site on the radar so when potential customers are searching the web for your the type of service or product you provide they can find you. 


Please keep in mind getting you on the radar, then keeping you on the radar does not happen overnight we work to build relevant content and a plan to help increase eyes on who you are and what services you provide.  Give us a call, we love puzzles.

Work Remotely

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