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Email strategies have changed over the years.  What worked a few years ago, no longer work. However, it is still a key player in the over all marketing strategy, content strategy, and SEO.

Not one of these strategies work alone. There is a synergy that helps reach your audience. Are you more inclined to open and read an email that is personalized to you? 


"Bulk" email is gone, let's welcome a new era of email marketing.

Keys to sucess:

PERSONALIZATION: That is one of the strategies of email marketing that is key to the overall customer experience. 

SEGMENTATION: Understand your email reader. By understanding what your readers interest are will increase the chances they will read through your emails.  Think about this...your having an event, party, open house and you send one email to everyone in your database - how annoying is it to receive and email that invites the reader to an event that is located on the other side of the continent?  Does that say you were listening to their needs? 

MOBILE FRIENDLY: 61% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Emails that display incorrectly on a mobile device may be deleted within three seconds. Keep it short and sweet with correct size graphics.

This touches on a few tips.  If we can help with your email marketing strategy please let us know.

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