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Welcome to VisuallWiredNH.  When it comes to Golf Course Signage, we are not hackers.  Today we have new insights and tools to get inside the mind of a golfer.


Golf Tips:

According to a 2009 survey of the American Golfer:

  • 29 million US Golfers

  • Average age is 54

  • 67% are college educated

  • 68% are married

  • 90% use the internet regularly

  • Average household income $95,000

Did you know?

According to National Golf Day 2019

"Capitol Hill’s annual Golf Day spells out that golf is much more than a game," says Congressman Ander Crenshaw (R-FL).  The game celebrates a $84.1 billion economy, nearly $4 billion annual charitable impact and many environmental and fitness benefits. Industry leaders will meet with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and federal agencies to discuss golf’s 15,000 diverse businesses, two million jobs impacted, tax revenue and tourism value.

Golf plays a significant role in stimulating our economy and is very accessible, with nine of 10 golfers playing public facilities," says Congressman James E. Clyburn, Assistant Democratic Leader (D-SC)...."

The key is knowing what golf course to place your signage to get maximum exposure. To do this, I have partnered with Chris Pacheco of CP Golf Networks, who specializes in getting your message on the right course, in front of the right eyes, at the right time.



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